Welcome to the LBC Youth Blog

LBC Youth would like to welcome anyone who is searching for a Youth Group to get plugged into.  Here at Liberty Baptist Church we strive to serve and help anyone who comes through the doors, but we also are dedicated to parents who have teenagers that need a place they can fit in at.

What is a Youth Group?

Youth is a ministry in our Church for teenagers from ages 13-18.  Every teen is invited to fellowship, share their thoughts and problems they face in life, and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What do the Youth do?

Each Sunday morning at 9:30 am the Youth have Sunday school; continuing on later for a Sunday evening bible study starting at 6:00 pm.  Later in the week on Wednesday another Bible study is given at 7:00pm.  There are a alot of activities and ministries that your teen can be involved in.  Yearly the Youth do car washes to raise money for events and for other Church activities.  The Youth go to concerts such as Aquire the Fire, Winter Jam, Winter Blast.  We also go to events like Scaremare, Lock-ins, and movie nights are offered as an extended fellowship.  Every Summer the Youth go on Mission trips to serve other communities in various locations.  There is also a boys only Bible study on Friday nights at 7pm.

Who are the Youth?

We are a group of devoted teens Always Serving and Praying Christians Ready Equipted and Willing.  This is the Youth groups motto and they are a diverse group that love to serve and are willing to reach out to their age group and this generation.  We are about building relationships with others so we can help meet their needs  and improve our community. All youth are trained to share Jesus, give their testimony, and pray when called upon. Our youth are not a Social Gospel group, but are a highly motivated Worship Group.

If there are any questions on events for Youth, comments or concerns please contact the Church office or go online to       (Church Calender)